Kevin White's Portfolio

The 15th MEU Realism Unit

The is a site that was built for one of the largest Arma 3 gaming community's.

The 15th is one of the biggest Arma 3 units in the world.

The play Arma 3 in a realism fastion.

It is something like a civil war reenactment group.

The website was in use from 9/2015 - 2/2017.

TextToSpeech is an app developed with in C#. What it allows you to do is select text from any Window/Program on your computer and have it spoken out loud to you. Becuse of the fact that this app reads text form your computers Clipboard you can get text read to you however you want. Some apps on work on the browers but not on Word. Some apps work in a PDF but not in a console. With this app you can read text from anywhere on your PC.
Text To Speech App