About Kevin

Producing high-quality websites and exceptional user experience


Motivated and skilled Developer/Information technology freelancer. Having Years of experience in developing Websites, Applications, Game applications. I'm also an experienced Indie Game Developer with several game projects under my belt.

Some of the technologies I have worked with include:

I strive to make the highest quality responsive Websites possible. I ensure that all of my projects are well designed and easily maintainable. This allows you to build up your website as your company expands.

I find that the attention to detail comes into play when building Websites as well as Game development. Knowledge and experience is needed to make a responsive website look professional and knowing how to place elements is a must. I am very comfortable with both, placing elements and moving elements around.


In my past as a freelancer developer I have built websites for small company's as well as gaming community's. I have integrated forum software into the 15thMeu.net website as well as calendar software. So I have experience with using Application program interfaces of various kinds.

I have completed several personal Game development projects ranging from Level Editors too full blown games. Many of these projects can be found on my Github as well as my portfolio which can be found on this website.

Front-end Development

I develop responsive websites that will allow the user to experience the best possible user experience. By using HTML5 I deliver responsive layout that makes the best use of space on the smallest devices. All the while, providing cross browser compatibility ensuring that the features that are being used are enabled on new and old browsers.

Game Development

In game development I have created game projects using many of today's Languages and technology's. I am often looking to learn new languages and techniques to add to my development tool kit.

Development Software

While learning game development I have had experience with plenty of software. Including multiple types of photo-editors. I have also used database software in order to store information. I have also used 3D software to model and animate 3D as well as 2D objects.